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We value our long and vibrant history, but recognise that our most important attribute is our commitment to a tradition of innovation and advancement. It is for this reason, that after more than seven decades of operating experience, we continue to support national development. LINKING PAKISTAN TO THE WORLD SINCE 1949 In the past decade, AJCL has undergone rapid expansion to build upon its landmark achievements. Our commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards and professionalism in business has allowed us to become the partner of choice for many international companies. ENHANCING GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY AJCL is involved in the sales and distribution of various commodities and equipment including agricultural products, telecommunication equipment, power generation and distribution machinery, oil and gas services, railway and rolling stock, earth moving and road compaction equipment and aviation products. DIVERSE SET OF
AJCL’s mission is to deliver extraordinary value to its clients by providing solutions to the most challenging business problems creatively, aiding capacity building in Pakistan through facilitating technology transfer, efficiently providing unique services and by developing new avenues for import and export. INNOVATION AND

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International affiliations have contributed to participation in several landmark projects

Global presence with offices in all major cities across Pakistan

Serve as a conduit providing unparalleled global-to-local connectivity

Promoting investment and trade between Pakistan and the region for more than seven decades


Provide exceptional service to our customers.


  1. To promote commerce and trade between different regions of the World.
  2. To link Pakistan to the World
  3. To bring efficiencies to global supply chains by fostering ethical and sustainable business practices in the products and services we deal in.
  4. To create an ecosystem that nurtures talent and innovation.

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Make a difference

AJCL is working to make a difference in the society and aspires for a better future by putting a strong emphasis on education, health care, human rights and social services. We serve our community irrespective of race, religion, gender and cast.

AJCL undertakes social, philanthropic and community development programs in line with its business strategies to serve the broader interests of the communities it operates in.