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Corporate Social Responsibility

Aspiring For A Better Future

A productive and well-heeled society is essential for the growth of a business. AJCL aspires for a better future by taking it as a responsibility to work and invest in the betterment of the people and environment, as it is implanted in the corporate goals of the company. AJCL strives to pay back the country in a manner that positively impacts the society with a focus on healthcare, education, human rights, culture and social services. We serve regardless of race, religion, gender or background. With the aim to serve the country, we are closely associated with many leading NGO’s.

Community Investment

AJCL has taken many Initiatives to strategically invest in the society, not just financially but also physically by volunteering for the noble causes of many NGO’s. Apart from societal development, AJCL also actively invests to overcome losses occurred by natural disasters and human tragedies.

Sustainability and ECO-Friendliness

The world is evolving, and sustainability is the need of the time. We aim to positively contribute to the environment, by an unyielding commitment to be eco-friendly and cautious towards our actions, in order to be environment friendly. We strategically focus to be more sustainable by cutting down our carbon foot print, taking initiatives to recycle or reuse and reducing energy usage. Apart from all the eco-friendly endeavors, saving water and paper is one of the major corporate goals of our organization.

Contributing To Education

Education is the backbone of a society. We promote a special emphasis on the quality of education, as it plays a vital role in the betterment of society. Being in business since 1948, we aim to provide vital learning opportunities for growth and development of generations and to empower them with knowledge. In the recent years, AJCL has been closely involved in many educational activities and has successfully facilitated strong platforms for citizens to learn and prosper. In order to provide humanitarian assistance and accomplish the goal to invest in the educational sector, we are closely working with many registered and reputed charities and institutes such as The Hub School and Aga Khan university.

Working For The Future

Investing today will benefit in the future. We work with the aim to have a better tomorrow for the generations to come. With a strong sense of commitment and dedication, AJCL always give its clients the foremost importance and make their needs a priority, whilst never compromising on its core set of ethical values. Working globally, we aspire to stay true to our ideals of honesty, sincerity, trust and integrity. We aim to build long-term partnerships with our impeccable set of services, that will be beneficial for both the parties.

We are also continuously growing as a brand, bringing innovation and technical advancements in many popular sectors, which in turn gives young talent a chance to empower and grow.