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AJCL Private Limited, one of the leading business houses of Pakistan, is a diversified trading, distribution and technical service provider, providing project management, sales and consultancy services to clients in the public and private sector.  We have had a deep and wide-ranging presence in the country, and through our antecedents have been ‘Linking Pakistan to the World Since 1949.’ Over the years, AJCL’s products and services have contributed greatly in enhancing regional connectivity, strengthened national development and escalated international trade.

AJCL provides its principals, customers and clients with a one-stop solution for conducting business, when dealing with public sector enterprises and parastatals in Pakistan, whilst adhering to high standards of quality, customer satisfaction and ethics. Our businesses encompass a wide range of specialised services, with our portfolio including various segments such as oil and gas, ports and shipping, machinery, power generation, aviation, commodities, security printing, railways and rolling stock, construction and telecommunication equipment, earth moving and road compaction machinery, and other special equipment.

With a rich history and an unfaltering eye on the future, we continue to work with the same spirit and high standards of integrity and commitment to reach higher goals to the complete and uncompromising satisfaction of our principals abroad and our customers in Pakistan. By virtue of our uncompromised dedication, we are able to continuously expand our portfolio of activities, thereby ensuring uninterrupted growth for an even richer history in the future.

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Provide exceptional service to our customers.


  1. To promote commerce and trade between different regions of the World.
  2. To link Pakistan to the World
  3. To bring efficiencies to global supply chains by fostering ethical and sustainable business practices in the products and services we deal in.
  4. To create an ecosystem that nurtures talent and innovation.

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