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Our History


AJCL is a family owned and operated company, tracing its roots in Pakistan back to 1949, with a legacy that stretches back even before that. Mr. Ahmed E. H. Jaffer, a well-established businessman and a close companion to founder of Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, both of whom worked hand-in-hand for the creation of Pakistan, after migrating from undivided India. Over the years, the company has undergone several transformations, whilst adhering to its vision of providing exceptional service to its customers.

Initially part of the wider Jaffer Group, AJCL Private Limited has existed in its present independent form since 2012. Over the last decade, the company has undergone rapid international expansion to build upon its landmark achievements. Our strong global affiliations have enabled us to participate in many landmark projects that have helped underpin the nation’s development and act as a tangible symbol of our commitment to Linking Pakistan to the World.

At AJCL, we value our long and vibrant history, but recognize that our most important historical attribute is our commitment to a tradition of innovation and advancement. It is for this reason that, after more than seventy years, we continue to remain at the forefront of Pakistani trade

  1. Jaffer group was incorporated

  2. Diverse manufacturing interests were setup to promote industrial output

  3. Supplied helicopters to various governmental clients.

  4. Supplied transmission equipment, rail tracks, and aviation products to public sector companies

  5. Participated in various infrastructure development projects including the setup of Pakistan’s largest run of the river plant at Ghazi Barotha

  6. Capital Dredging for one of Pakistan’s major port authorities.

  7. Modernized Pakistan’s passport making production facility and security paper facility

  8. AJCL Private Limited was incorporated as a separate business entity, building upon the legacy of the Jaffer group

  9. Entered into transportation business as a means of adding value along the supply chain

  10. Established J Holdings and setup a group holding structure to unify all diverse businesses.

  11. Established overseas subsidiary to expand global footprint

  12. Setup commodities trading subsidiary to supply from farm gate to consumer doorstep

  13. Setup aviation subsidiary to develop best practices and to supply parts, and services globally