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Oil and Gas

Oil and natural gas are energy market’s leading natural resources and play an important role in the global economy as well as in national and international development. AJCL through its antecedents has had a historic involvement with several private and governmental organizations, dating back to the 1960’s, that exploit not only these vital products, but also new types of fuels.

We are engaged with the oil and gas sector across different segments and our wide range of products and services enable us to bring this valuable resource to market efficiently. With expertise and resources for a variety of extraction and production purposes, we possess an extensive sourcing network for high-value items including drilling rigs and pipe laying machinery. For a long time, we have remained the traditional supplier of pipes, valves and other fittings to several gas distribution companies of Pakistan.

AJCL has also facilitated services for value added products such as intelligent pigging, geotechnical drilling and supplied cylinders for LPG storage. Moreover, we have been involved in the development of new types of biofuels with relevant stakeholders in the government and private sectors. Our robust technology, skillful approach and attention to quality and safety has enabled us to provide creative solutions and stay at the forefront of this field, time after time.