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Commodities Trading

As a Pakistani company we are proud of our roots and are committed to exporting the best from the country. Recognizing that Pakistan is largely an agrarian economy, we have revitalized our commodities division, diversifying it to mirror the composite nature of our agriculture base and focusing on those products that offer long term growth prospects. In the past, we were always active in the export market with traditional emphasis on the Far East and South East Asia, however, with the growth and evolution of our activities, we decided to expand our commitments and increased our geographic diversification in order to export Pakistani products to foreign buyers worldwide.

We have a global distribution network that can be used for agricultural commodities and in the trade of fertilizers, grains, rice, sugar and wheat, among others and have also leveraged traditional supply relationships to export value-added items including ethanol and molasses. We have created new opportunities by developing innovative marketing strategies that have strengthened our brand and have allowed us to capture a significant market share and become a household name. We are committed to supervise all aspects of the supply chain including stocking, retail sale and logistics.

Building on the Jaffer family legacy of contributing to national development and supporting infrastructure growth, AJCL has also been active in the trade and supply of basic raw materials necessary for industrial growth. Over the years, we have remained one of the biggest suppliers of coal, coke and iron ore to the steel industry of Pakistan and have worked with some of the most diverse, successful and progressive companies in this field.