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We have a deep understanding of the aviation industry which enables us to ensure that projects are completed and delivered to the highest standard. Our team is supplemented by well-equipped and trained resources, engineers, project managers, technicians and mechanics who are mobile and easily deployed with extensive reach and complemented by manufacturer’s expertise, product support and technical resources for dissemination of aviation best-practices.

Our efforts have supported the development of new airports and led to the structuring of projects through the design, planning and construction stages. We have been involved in the sale of various types of equipment related to the civil aviation industry including, security screening equipment, baggage handling systems, check-in counters, airport furniture, ground radar and passenger boarding bridges.

Given our in-depth technical and logistical expertise in the aviation sector, we have continually supported the flying operations of various rotary wing fleets, including those vitally required for provision of search and rescue services nationwide, with supply of parts, platforms, tools and services.