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Our Subsidiaries


AJCL Global Holdings Ltd (AGHL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of AJCL (Private) Limited. AGHL was incorporated in the United Kingdom in May 2018 to act as the international holding company for the group on behalf of its parent, AJCL, Pakistan.

AGHL is a general stockiest, trader and distributor for a variety of different manufacturers and commodity suppliers thereby building up scale, efficiencies and business volumes by providing its customers a one-window solution. It will also partner with international players looking to expand their presence in emerging markets by leveraging its core expertise in working under challenging operating conditions.


Claiser Trading Ltd (CTL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of AGHL. CTL was established in August 2018 to house the group’s physical commodities trading and distribution arm. CTL is able to leverage its scale, insights and control across varied product types to generate value for suppliers and consumers alike by building upon the key relationships it holds with global producers of raw materials such as ethanol, iron ore, coal, fertilizer, cement and other agricultural products. This specialty enables the company to efficiently manage the entire length of the value chain from product origination and sourcing to risk management and quality control as well as finance and logistics all the while adhering to fundamental ethical practices including supply chain traceability, safety, quality, environmental friendliness and on time delivery.


Claiser Aviation Ltd (CAL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of AGHL. CAL was setup in March 2019 to act as the specialized aviation arm of the Group. Given the stringent regulatory requirements in the field, a dedicated company was deemed necessary to enable the development of critical core expertise in aviation best practices, standards and maintain updated compliance enforcement. It holds the group’s aviation related distribution agreements and manages the provision of technical services across various civil aircraft. The specialized focus of the company will allow it to effectively deploy and manage the asset base of tools and equipment necessary to operate in remote areas and to develop trained, certified and experienced human resource including pilots, engineers, technicians, logisticians, sales and project managers.


J Holdings incorporated in 2017, invests in a diverse set of businesses with the goal of maximizing their value, which benefit from long term economic stewardship, in the segments of agricultural trading, construction, government sales, logistics, power generation and warehousing.

Over the years, the company and its subsidiaries have stimulated agricultural development and trade by providing market access to producers, nurtured urban growth by building sustainable spaces that foster economic activity,  promoted infrastructural development by delivering landmark projects on time and with quality, transported goods and services across geographies, driven industrialization by facilitating power generation and minimized commodity price volatility in frontier markets through affordable, safe and secure warehousing.